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Absolutely.  There are state and federal laws governing credit repair.  Obviously, there would not be laws governing the operation of an illegal business.  When a creditor reports anything on anyone’s credit report, they must follow 246 laws and statutes of reporting perfectly!  If just one law is not followed in their reporting (we have a challenge and dispute team that almost always finds several laws that have not been followed), then that account is being reported inaccurately. If an account is being reported imperfectly, then that information is, in fact, inaccurate.  The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act states that any information that is inaccurate, erroneous, or obsolete must be deleted permanently! 
First, you need to understand that many credit repair companies are not trustworthy.  We understand that.  We try to give you honest
expectations, but you need to know this is not a perfect science.   There are lots of attorneys who do credit repair and their approach is one sided. Basically they write letters saying “I’m a lawyer, you better do what I say”. 
We take a multi- purpose attack. We, at Credit Help USA, can remove anything they can, and usually more, as well as provide all the extra assistance one would need, and for a much lowerprice.  Our success rate is around 75-80%, no matter what type of item it is.  Bankruptcy is neither harder nor easier than a simple late pay.  We have numerous mortgage companies, car dealerships, builders, etc. who work with us because of our honest approach.  We do believe that our system is as good as it gets.  It’s very effective, honest and legal.  We are not trying to beat the system, only to make the system
fairer for us all.


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