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Credit help USA provides complete financial solution services.
*First and foremost is CREDIT EDUCATION.  We want our clients to understand how credit works.  We provide one-on-one consultations and free seminars, as well as monthly newsletters.  Better-educated consumers make better choices and through these choices maintain better credit scores which equates to hugesavings in interest rates.
*CREDIT CONSULTATION.  Credit Help USA is only a phone call away.  As often as needed, our clients may visit our office or telephone us.  They will talk to a trained, professional “Credit Analyst”.
*CREDIT REPAIR.  All the education and consultation in the world will not help you if you have negative, nagging old debt that won’t go away.  We DO NOTuse the same simple techniques that most credit repair companies use.  Federal Law states that ALLinformation reported to the credit bureaus must be 100% accurate or that line item is inaccurate.  Most companies, in an attempt to save money, do not follow the 246 laws and court rulings in reporting credit.  We actually investigate each credit listing for flaws and inaccuracies.   Most of the time, we find them and can have the bureaus remove that item.  We have professionally trained personnel that perform this task.  What we do is completely legal.  We believe that consumers should pay their debts as agreed, but,sometimes, it takes starting with a clean slate.  We believe that our clients are better risks for creditors in the future after using our service.
*DEBT AND INTEREST NEGOTIATION.  Credit Help USA can usually reduce the amount owed on a bad debt; however, in most cases we don’t recommend this as it usually does our clients no good and can even harm them. However, there are exceptions.  Usually, these debts need to be deleted and totally removed from your credit reports.
*CREDITOR HARASSMENT. We can stop those illegal and harassing debt collection practices. In  one survey, the Number One reason people said they filed for bankruptcy was to eliminate creditor harassment.
*Complete Name And Address Clean-Up.
*CREDIT REBUILDING ASSISTANCE. Credit Help USA has companies guaranteed to finance anyone. This is only for the sake of establishing positive trade linesYou can also purchase tradelines from us and we place them on each of your bureaus.  These positive accounts have credit limits from $5000.00 to 20,000.00 and payment histories from 5 years to 20 years.  In many cases one tradeline of $5000 limit and 5 year history can raise scores 60 to 70 points per bureau.
*CREDIT LAW REFORM. We lobby our congress at both the state and federal levels for fair credit laws that force creditors to treat consumers fairly. A portion of the money you pay us actually goes for our lobby efforts which, hopefully, will save you money in the future by bringing attention to unfair credit practices.
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News stories, almost daily, tell us that the American Public is being treated unfairly  by banks and credit card companies.  Not only does this affect the general public, but also small companies, by not being able to find financing for many of their clients.
Credit Help USA has been in business for over 9 years and serves over 16,000 clients.  We are licensed, bonded and insured and are members of the Chamber of Commerce.  We do work for individuals, car dealerships, mortgage companies, real estate companies, home builders and more.  We rely heavily on “word of mouth” referrals and, with over 16,000 clients, we think that says something. 
It is impossible to determine how much your credit scores will increase. There are many factors involved in a credit score besides how you pay. Some examples are the variety of credit types that you have, open balances, what you do for a living, whether you own your home, etc. Although this is not a guarantee, our clients’ average scores increase approximately 100-120 points per bureau.Adding positive trade lines (which you can purchase through us) helps your scores go even higher.  Adding a $5000 limit and 5 year history tradeline has the capability of raising your scores 60 to 70 points per bureau.
Our average client will have approximately 25 negative listings spread out over the three major credit bureaus. Our success rate averages approximately 78%, which means that we have removed over a quarter-of-a-million negative items!  
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