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We keep all client information confidential, however, this particular client, who lives in California, has given us permission to publish his correspondence with us. He invites anyone, who wishes, to call him personally:
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Credit Help USA

801 Road to Six Flags W., Ste. 143

Arlington, TX 76012


OFFICE: 817-909-0504

FAX:  214-988-5190
Leslie Mathis
Executive Account Manager

Experience a Better Life With Better Credit!
We Can Liberate You From Bad Credit, Guaranteed!

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Although we do repair your credit, we are not a
credit repair company. We are a consumers advocate group that charges you a membership fee and the following are the free services provided: *Our job is to educate you; *Counsel you; *Help you re-establish good credit; and *Stop creditor harassment and save you money. Along with the items listed, we lobby to have credit laws changed to provide fair protection to the consumer.
What about that huge weight on your back called BAD CREDIT? That’s where our LEGAL CREDIT REPAIR gives you peace of mind, the ability to purchase and to save money. No matter what we do, the bad credit issue must be resolved before our program can be successful. This is a win-win situation for everyone. We feel that you will be a better risk for creditors in the future so even they win.
Have you ever heard the Phrase “Give
a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime?” That’s our approach to credit.

If we repair your credit, have we fixed the problem or only put a band-aid on it? We want to give you the tools to succeed. You have to understand the credit industry before any long term solution can be reached.

First, banks do not want you to have good credit. They make money from interest. The worse your credit , the higher the interest. Credit card companies make more money yearly than Microsoft, McDonald’s and Wal*Mart put together.

We are spending lots of money on unfair high interest rates, penalties and other fees.

*The difference on a $20,000 car can be as much as $6,000 extra
in interest charges (from GMAC Website),
*on a $200,000 house it can be $172,000 (from Parade Magazine).
*A client is two weeks late on his Home Depot Credit Card.
He makes a $75.00 payment. With the interest and late fees
he pays less than one dollar on the principal.
*A Client goes over his credit limit on a credit card by 78 cents.
The company charges a $45.00 over the limit fee.

One study states that the average American pays over $300.00
more per month in fees than they should.

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