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We, at Credit Help USA are always on the look-out for money saving opportunities for our clients. Here are just a few services that will help you lower your monthly payments. We are excited about discovering these great opportunities and want to share with you!

Need a reliable vehicle:
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Medical Insurance for $30 per month:

Affordable Medical Coverage

Dental Discounts:



Refinance Student and Gov Loans / lower Payments (Example : Sally Mae)

Federal Direct Loan Program

Oncore Electric:

Lower Electric Bills

Stanley Security Solutions
Steve Arnold

Just type in your city and take advantage of the great deals that local businesses are offering:
City Deals!

How to profit from an economic recession:
Recession Survival

This is an excellent website! Find out if you qualify for a loan and which lender will finance you.

Refinance Student and Gov Loans / Lower Payments (Example : Sally Mae) Federal Direct Loan Program

Free Website:

Buy Advertising:

Make Extra Money:

Use Promo Code: 3249

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Lower Your Monthly Bills!

Want to save up to 20% on your electric or gas bill? Ask me how

Are you paying more than $15.00 a month for home phone? Find out how you can save?

Are you paying more than $20.00 for internet? I used to until i saw this.

Don’t let cable networks rip you off, get over 150 channels for $30.00 month, free HD and DVR.

Want to save on your next cellphone purchase or upgrade (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Nextel).

Allow the power of mobile marketing to supercharge your business – for less than a nickel you can stand out of the crowd.

Deregulation of energy will happen only once, how much will you make? A recession proof home business for the everyday person.

More than 70% of Americans today are living paycheck to paycheck. Track your spending is the #1 recommendation made by financial experts as a first step to getting out of debt. It is the leader in providing a real-time, simple voice automated way to budget and find every penny. Featured on ABC, Fox Business News, Good Morning America, ZDNet, and ESPN.
It will help you find the extra money to pay bills, avoid foreclosure, and get out of debt!

This software has 4 unique features to help you succeed:
1. Auto-populates a spending plan (budget) for you based upon your monthly income after taxes to get you up and running in minutes!
2. Real time tracking. Either by voice, text message or online you have instant access to your remaining balances in each spending category. Want to know your balance on a spending category, just speed dial a number on any phone and say ie. “groceries”…the voice assistant instantly tells you how much you have left in groceries for the month to spend. You can also deduct expenses right from your phone – it’s that simple!
3. Debit card/Master Card. By simply using the debit card with Master Card logo, purchases are automatically updated in your Tracker account –categorized. The Tracker stop trigger helps ensure you never overspend again!
4. Receive daily email reminders with remaining balance in each category and yesterday’s transactions. This way you always start your day in control of your money!

Our Goal Is Simply to Save People Money On Everyday Services

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