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Clean Credit Isn’t Always Enough…

We Can Help You Establish Credit

Sometimes you may need to establish credit and develop current and positive trade line history.

Debt removal is not enough if you have no positive accounts reporting on your bureaus. We can help you get credit cards, direct you to companies that will finance you with less than perfect credit and report positively on ALL 3 major credit reports monthly.

We can guide and help you choose from our vast resources to get you started and on your way to positive monthly reporting with your responsible and timely payments.

Here is an excellent offer for you!

Establishing individual or Business Credit:

Strategic Network Solutions, like your company, is in the business of helping other businesses establish solid business credit.

Any clients that go to our website and actually purchases anything from our company store, we will extend to them a one thousand dollar business line of credit with a net 30. We will then report that company and that transaction to Equifax Commercial. If that same client returns to our website to make an additional purchase, we will incrementally increase their line of credit by five hundred dollars.

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New FDIC Bank credit offer from Down2Shop (Establishing Credit)

Click Here

Per our discussion, you are being sent this email because our review of your credit report indicates you need to establish at least one new Revolving trade line.  We continually evaluate credit offerings and currently recommend the Help Card from Down2Shop.

Please follow these instructions once you have clicked the link below:

1)    Register as a “user” on the site.

2)   Once you are in the “Dashboard”, click the “Apply for Credit” button and fill out the short application in it’s entirety.

3)   Double-Check your information to insure accuracy

4)   Review and Accept to the 3 sections under the application which detail the terms and conditions.

5)   Click “Submit” to send the application to the credit department for review.

6)   Return to “Dashboard” and hit the refresh button on your browser to see instant results.  If approved, the amount will show.  If more info is required, a credit specialist will be contacting you shortly from area code (479) to get more information regarding your application.  If declined, the “Apply” button will disappear and you will receive an email and decline letter from the issuing bank as to the reason.


More info on the card…

Overview  This is an unsecured card for people with challenged credit scores, financed by an FDIC bank, and with your payment history being reported monthly to the BIG 3 bureaus. You must have a positive open Revolving account for great credit scoresLimit 1 card per personCards are only individual, not joint accounts
Processing Fee    $125-only charged if approved
Up-front Deposit    None – this is an unsecured card and your credit limit is determined by your credit score and debt-to-income ratio
Annual Fee    $100 per year- billed @ $25/month for first 4 months.
Credit Limit    Ranges between $1,100 and $6,500 depending on your qualifications
Reporting    Reports to all 3 bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) within 2 weeks
Interest Rate    21% APR on purchases only (not fees)
Qualifications    Credit pull – Minimum TransUnion score of 500 FICODebt-to-income ratio < 80/20%Must have a valid Social Security Number and pass fraud controls
Process    Follow application instructions above. You will be notified immediately whether you’re approved. If declined you will be offered a Secured Credit Card instead.Make a small purchase at Down2Shop to activate your card & credit reporting. (One purchase financed of any product of any amount (no min). Products are as low as $5.)Account will report to your credit as “Help Card/HCcredit” within approx. 1 week of purchaseWill need to pay $25/mo for 4 months to pay off the annual fee

You are not required to use the card after that for it to report. It would be a good  idea to make some small purchases during the year to keep it active, however.

Other Options:

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